Why choosing e rickshaw business?

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electric rickshaw recently has been a buzzing sector. Levels of air pollution in the Indian cities specially in Delhi become very high. State governments is looking for ways and means to cut down on the rapidly rising air pollution. Thus much emphasis is being laid upon which run on alternative fuel sources. The electric rickshaw on this ground is one of the best alternatives available. It is because of this many steps are being taken by the government to boost the sector.

As an owner of electric rickshaw business I’m sure you would always want higher profitability. Then you need to know these basic things:

  • Good quality for ensuring better safety
  • High quality ensures low maintenance cost and high profit
  • You need higher quality government approved electric rickshaws

So, all in all, you must never compromise on the quality of the components used for the manufacturing of the electric rickshaw or Toto Rickshaw you buy. If this is done you as a business owner can ensure complete safety of your passengers. You could also make sure that the maintenance cost is low thus ensuring for a profitable business overall. When it comes to E-Rickshaw then Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory is one of the leading E -Rickshaw manufacturers and suppliers in India. They use high quality “ICAT” approved components in their battery operated rickshaws. For buying a E-Rickshaw or taking dealership for eco friendly rickshaw you can contact with them. The future of the sector at present looks bright. Though there are many challenges at present but the initiative of the government these are likely to be overcome soon. So a business in the sector has great potential.

E-Rickshaw business will be the good option to choose. Because, it is creating boom in the present market. These vehicles are supported by every one because they are in the side of eco friendly. My Suggestion is this will be good idea of business which includes of low maintenance and low investment.

  1. How much earning should I expect per day

For example you have purchased an E- Rickshaw which has following features

  • Mileage up to 90–110 km’s per charge
  • Max speed 35 km’s
  • Seating Capacity of 5/6 passenger

So, here i can prove the difference between fuel variant & E-Rickshaws

If you buy a fuel vehicle it will consume up to 60 litres per day which gives the mileage up to 25 kmpl. Whereas the E rickshaw will run up to 100 km per charge which gives you the pays you back your invested money in less than 6 months. But, the fuel vehicles will take upto 14 months for payback.

2. What all I have to consider while buying

These are the factors which should be considered while buying.

  • Battery life and warranty
  • Mileage
  • seating Capacity
  • Ground clearance
  • Motor Warranty

The above mentioned factors are the main and important factors to be considered in buying the E-Rickshaws.

You can also checkout our website Adapt motors which provides you valuable information and also deals in manufacturing the E rickshaws.

QSD electric rickshaw dealer e rickshaw spare parts

QSD electric rickshaw dealer e rickshaw spare parts

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