How to operate your battery rickshaw business?

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there are 2 ways in which you can operate your business ,

  1. you buy x number of  battery rickshaws and then rent them out on daily or weekly contractual basiS for example -you buy 10 e rickshaws and lend out each battery rickshaw for 300 rs.per day. whatever the driver earns is not your head ache .the driver is under contract to paY you 300rs. Whether he earns 30 or 3000 It is none of your concern. You will get 300rs. Per day from the driver of the battery rickshaw

Second way is you buy x number of battery rickshaws and hire drivers to run those rickshaws.these drivers would be on a salary or performance basis (revenue sharing) etc hired by you. for example – you buy 10 battery rickshaws and then EMPLOY 10 drivers to run those rickshaws for you and at the end of the day they submit their day earnings to you. The drivers would be remunerated by monthly/weekly/daily FIXED SALARY. Or you can even work out a revenue sharing model with the drivers.

you have to register all the battery rickshaws by MCD (municipal corporation of delhi) your electric battery rickshaw would be tested for few norms like , head light. power of the motor etc. so it’s convenient if your electric rickshaws are from a registered manufacturer/importer as 90 percent of them are imported from china

anyhow registration is cumpolsary.

the dealer would usually get your rickshaws registered by the concerned department

the earnings totally depends on various factors like- the route, expected number of trips per battery charge, number or ridership etc.

TIP – if you plan to enter the business and plan to purchase atleast 10

then become an authorised stockist or distributor for an e rickshaw company .this way you would enter 2 businesses simultaneously . one would be the sale of battery rickshaw rickshaws just like any other automobile dealer and second obviously the one discusssed above.This would ultimately expand your revenues and profit maximisation

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