E-rickshaws for the lake city In India, these e-rickshaws started becoming popular

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E-rickshaws for the lake city


The lake city will soon experience e-rickshaws as part of the Smart city project. These e-rickshaws will operate on Fatehsagar, Kala kivaad, Moti magri and Swaroop sagar areas. The drivers of these vehicles will be seen wearing Rajasthani dhoti-kurta and pagdee as part of their uniform.

Initially 20 rickshaws will be in operation. Due to these rickshaws, the tourists and localites will be able to enjoy the lake side rides. Even a wall city tour will be included once the parking facilities are in order.

The benefits of these rickshaws are many. Udaipur is sure to see a drop in air pollution once these rickshaws start gracing the city roads. Since air pollution is one of the biggest causes of health problems, we will soon be able to breathe fresh air.

E-rickshaws are comparatively cheaper means of transport. In some places, these rickshaws are running since 2008.  In India, these e-rickshaws started becoming popular in 2011.

The advantages are –eco friendly, economical, no noise pollution, safe (slower and lighter than auto rickshaw), easy maintenance.

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