E-rickshaws are non-polluting vehicles

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Pedestrians First, a NGO has welcomed the plying of e-rickshaws in Pune region. “It is a good idea to have e-rickshaws as these are non-polluting vehicles. However, we are not aware about the final decision regarding operation of e-rickshaws”, convener of Pedestrians First, Prashant Inamdar has said in a email to Regional Transport Officer, B I Ajri, and deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Ashok Morale.

E-rickshaw is a slow moving vehicle with max speed of 30 kmph. Normal speed will be much less, especially when fully loaded and on inclined roads and steep ascents. Slower acceleration and lesser speed of e-rickshaws will cause hold up of traffic on road and especially at junctions. This problem could aggravate if they ply as normal rickshaws do. E-rickshaws are likely to affect road carrying capacity during peak periods and increase traffic congestion. Increased congestion could also mean increased pollution offsetting the no pollution benefit of e-rickshaws, Inamdar said. Separate stands will have to be allotted for e-rickshaws.

Pedestrians First has suggested the following things on the operation of e-rickshaws, that they should not ply on arterial roads, should be permitted to ply in outskirt areas, should ply on specific routes on point to point stage carriage basis.
E-rickshaw is a boon (no pollution) but should not become a curse (increased traffic congestion with increased pollution), Inamdar said.
It is a good idea for e-rickshaw running on road.

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