Can you list out some of the best E-rickshaw manufacturers in India?

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E-rickshaws are gaining popularity in India due to their advantage of causing zero pollution. And as they run on electricity instead of fuel oil, they are cheaper too. Because of these two advantages electric rickshaw market is expanding rapidly. As a result of the increasing demand many small and big companies has started e-rickshaw manufacturing business in India. Some of the top names are

  • Jezza Motors,
  • CEEON India,
  • Mayuri E-Rickshaw,
  • Krishna ERickshaw etc
  • BABA E-Rickshaw etc.

new model electric rickshaw

If you want a quality product at lower price then I suggest you to go for Jezza Motors. Their products are i-CAT approved and provide great performance. They also manufactures spare parts for e-rickshaw, so you don’t need to be worried about the availability of parts for your rickshaw. Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory is the manufacturer in China. If you want to buy from China directly. They can support you on e rickshaw and also e rickshaw spare parts.

new model electric rickshaw

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